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Group Health Insurance Check Up



Have your Group Health Insurance plan premiums been rising year over year? If you have a small group of between 5-300 plan participants, I’d wager that it has. Did you know there is an effective alternative to your current traditional group health plan that would give you similar if not the same coverages but would allow your firm more flexibility and control over your coverages and increasing plan premiums.

The alternative I speak of is called a Level Funded Group Health Plan. What is A Level Funded Group Health Plan you ask? A level funded group health care plan is a method of self-insuring which removes the financial risk from the sponsoring employer by using re-insurance. For more information check out my website, www.elpasoadvisor.com click on the services and solutions menu at the top of the page, then select the employee benefits link from that menu.

I would love to discuss this topic with you further! Let’s start a conversation, call me at (817) 800-0196 or e-mail me at ACohen@gvcaponline.com to see how a level funded plan could benefit your group!

Source: Alan J. Cohen Associate Director at Global View Capital Advisors


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