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Shares Message of Hope and Healing Following August 3rd Shooting


New Multi-Media Bi-Lingual Video Campaign,

As the El Paso community continues to heal from the horrific events of the shooting on August 3, 2019 at a local Wal-Mart, area agencies continue to provide services to those affected. “Now that a few months have passed since the shooting rattled our community, we need to remind residents that this healing process is going to take some time. So, if they are still having difficulty coping with the psychological and emotional effects of that day, they are not alone and help is available,” continued Kristi Daugherty, CEO Emergence Health Network. “As the Local Mental Health Authority in El Paso, the staff at Emergence Health Network (EHN) knows that seeking support is an important step towards recovery and that is why we teamed up with other community agencies to get this message out.”

EHN, along with The El Paso Office of Emergency Management and other community partners, created the El Paso Strong informational campaign. The 12-month multi-media campaign is designed to let victims, families, first responders and the entire community know that there is support available.

The campaign features radio and television spots, along with digital displays and relies heavily on social media to get the message out in our community. This effort includes local members of the community speaking about their feelings of loss and healing; and encouragement for other residents to be El Paso Strong and seek help.

“Our community has been through a lot and the trauma that we suffered that day, whether directly or indirectly is not something that goes way quickly. Some residents may experience triggers, such as the holidays or the anniversary of the shooting that can be emotionally challenging, “added Daugherty. “Not only do we encourage residents to seek help, but to also share these videos on their social media pages. We are El Paso Strong, but together we are stronger.”

To view the videos go to www.emergencehealthnetwork.org or www.epstrong.org



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