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By: Jesus Pano

It has been a pleasure for me: Jesus Pano, as an artist and philosopher to organize and coordinate,” said Paco. El Paso Intuitive Art Expo,” and open “El Paso Tejas Art Gallery” inside the International Museum of Art. The success of this show was made possible through the collaboration of the artists whose work is on display and the museum’s staff. Alongside the IMoA’s new Interim Executive Director, Emily Leedom, we were able to share the avant-garde art being created right now with our community.

“El Paso Intuitive Art Expo” brought together seventeen artists, all pioneers of visual art in El Paso, Jaurez & Las Cruces. These dynamic artists offered their work in conversation with the legacy of Picasso, Rufino Tamayo and David Alfaro Siqueiros, all rebels and trailblazers of international art. Picasso brought cubism into the world, Siqueiros developed a new cultural consciousness in Mexico through the marriage of his political activism and muralism, finally, Tamayo, originated “mixografia” bridging together different mediums into something completely new. In “El Paso Intuitive Art Expo,” the past and present of bold, innovative and cutting-edge artists exist together, inviting visitors to celebrate the avant-garde of now and imagine where artists these will take us in the future.

It has been an absolute pleasure working with these innovative artists. In my own words, I want to share what is exceptional about them and their work.

Rigo De La Mora, born in “El Chuco” and with over 50 years of experience, is an incredible experimental photographer. While Rigo calls himself a surrealist, I call him an intuitive surrealist because of the way he paints with color lights, bringing viewers to other dimensions and worlds. Marcos Rey, another Paseño, uses bold colors and lines to reimagine Mexican heritage. Javier Tarin, a graphic designer and commercial artist, adds to the neo-figurativist tradition with the otherworldly faces he paints. Efren Solorzano, hailing from Juarez, creates surrealist landscapes and figures. Juan Rohana is an architect and artist from across the border, creates geometrically surprising designs with the use of bold colors.

Raymundo Jaime has much experience creating realistic paintings and illustrations, but he is also an excellent caricaturist. We have even worked together when I was creating “The Boxing Hall of Fame Mural.”

I am happy to present the playful caricatures of Nacho Garcia. My wife said that the work he did for us is incredible!

Moises Garcia, a professional portrait artist. The beauty of all of his portraits are illuminated by his soft use of color and creation of plush textures.

Zoe Spiliotis an amazing visual designer; her talent is evident through her use of color to make striking contrasts.

Ashton Kaleigh is a phenomenal young artist; detail is her speciality. Her tenacity illuminates the surreal and symbolic worlds she paints.

Armando Rodriguez shared his wild abstractions, in addition to his extraordinary music and lyric composition.

Belinda Subraman has a very lyrical approach to painting & drawing; like the music she is also known for, her work is layered and deserves to be enjoyed again and again.

Carmen Navar is an enthusiastic artist and supporter of the arts. Carmen embraces stylistic diversity,


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