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President Denise Escajeda, WISCO Supply Company



By: Martha Vera, MIL, MS


It was such a delight to sit and talk with the President of WISCO Supply Company, Denise Escajeda. Her story is heartwarming and makes you feel like ‘Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus’.

Her career started as a high school graduate and single mother of one daughter, 2 years old, when she heard from a friend’s mother that WISCO was looking for an accounting assistant.   She took the job, and the rest is history.   Without any office skills or knowledge of how to use a calculator, Denise set out to learn all she could about the job she was undertaking. Eventually, her handwritten accounting ledgers were stored in microfiche and eventually moved into the computer system.

Her commitment and dedication led from one promotion to another. She eventually worked in every department of the company, learning how it ran from the ground up. Starting out as an accounting helper, she was transferred into the purchasing department as Inventory clerk. She recalled how everything was done manually. She went back to accounting and helped the company move into the computer system. Denise moved back to Purchasing where she spent most of her career. She was promoted to Purchasing Manager and from there to Store Manager and finally to President of the company, all in 40 years’ time.

Denise said, ”This is the only job I’ve had. I think it is a benefit to working in a family-owned business because it’s owned by the very family that our sister company is also owned by Wyler industrial Works. Our company came afterwards, Wyler was out doing installations and repair service work. They needed the part side of business, so this is why they spun this company off, to supply Wyler. Wyler and WISCO have been in the Berry family since Wyler started. The Berrys are still here; they’re all my board members. Many of us have been working together for over 20 years.”

She added, “Wyler has been around for 100 years and WISCO has been around since 1968. They are great companies to work for.” She considers herself a helicopter Mom in the company. Her success comes from working in every department of the company. She understands the business from the inside out. She comes from a family of managers. Her Mom and Dad were both managers in their prospective companies. She owes her knowledge to Mr. Bell, the previous President of the company who taught her to be detail oriented and grammatically correct. She lovingly recalls his red-pencil circled mistakes that taught her discipline. She never once felt discriminated against in a male dominated business.

Like any business, WISCO has seen its ups and downs. The Covid years were the best years financially. This year, she feels, is like reliving 2008. Challenges with clients paying on time has been the single most challenge due to COVID and other factors.

Denise is dedicated, thoughtful and conscientious about her company, its Board members, employees, and clients. Success is measured in innovation and dedication to her clients and company.

She is very proud of their binational maquila business from the United States to Cd. Juarez and the City of Chihuahua, having two salespeople in the Mexican geographies. They are distributors for a very specific territory. They are one of the largest companies in the compressed air business.

The beautiful mural outside their building is a testament to Wyler and WISCO’s commitment to their community and neighborhood. She graciously invites you to come and see it.

815 S. St. Vrain , 915-544-8294 . El Paso TX



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