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Karin Linder “Graffiti Tapestries” Art Show   


By Roared Herbert

After living in Manhattan, New York City for 38 years, Visual Artist Karin Linder has chosen to make El Paso her home. She will be displaying her current works, which she calls “Graffiti Tapestries,” at the St. Rogers Depo, an historic old train station on Friday March 15 from 4pm-8pm.

Linder explains, “Graffiti Tapestries” are mixed media paintings on canvas & fabric that hang (rather than being painted on traditional stretched canvas) using spray paint, acrylic & oil paint.

Karin was born in Detroit, Michigan and lived there until she was 24 years old. Because her parents and brother were born in Germany, she also dual citizenship. As a child, she visited many historical places throughout Europe and the impressions of old interiors was profound.   Later, she attended 3 different colleges, Center for Creative Studies, Cranbrook School of Art and finally Wayne State University, earning her bachelor’s in fine arts/drawing and painting in 1980.

In 1982 Karin moved to Manhattan. While living in NYC she made a living as visual artist, as a sign painter for the first few years, a theater set painter and eventually she moved into becoming a “decorative painter,” in the world of interior design. She also traveled all over to work. “I painted directly on the walls of private residences in the US, Europe, Central America and Australia. My first job was published on the cover of Architectural Digest in February of 1986,” Linder explained.

Karin had the opportunity to live and work in Berlin, Germany and also worked on projects in Los Angeles, Santa Fe and in El Paso. After many years of living in New York City, Karin decided it was time for a change to somewhere completely different. “NYC is very demanding and expensive. After giving it my all for many years I decided it was time for a change to somewhere completely different. El Paso is such a place. Also- it has no winter!” she said.

Karin explains her inspirations in the art world saying, “I love old-world interiors-especially with Fresco painting. There is such a visual poetry that is achieved! There is great beauty in aged surfaces (like walls) that stand the test of time. I love using color & textures & layers in my own work, which is reminiscent of these qualities…

My 15 new works of “Graffiti Tapestries” at the St. Rogers Depo are Mixed-Media Paintings. I always draw inspiration from the past but also my own perceptions of the present. Also due to the shortage of large gallery spaces in downtown-the Depo is a historical & wonderful venue!”

Looking ahead Karin says that an ideal project for her here in El Paso would be any project that involves interior design/restoration, especially the in-Downtown area. Whenever it is possible, she still creates her own individual “mixed-media” paintings. “I believe Art is a vehicle of hope and inspiration, growth and transformation-essential to the Soul!”

Website: KarinLinder.com

(Photos of Decorative Painting & Fine Artworks)

Appointment Viewing: 917-450-0180



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